In one of our previous blogs — “Kisan Talks — Knowing the Indian Farmer”, we talked about how a large proportion of modern day farmers have started utilising technology and particularly smartphones in making informed decisions about their cultivation practices. To cater to this progressive mindset of farmers, a challenging…

Farmer (Kisan) Talks and Survey

We have been working with farmers for the past 6 months in the Maharashtra, Andhra and Telangana region of India to understand the ground realities, their pain points, and their expectations from agri-tech companies.

We decided to conduct a survey, and also video interview a…

Climate change has the potential to hurt everyone, but one particularly vulnerable group is farmers. Agriculture, especially in India, depends on favourable weather conditions; hence climate change-induced temperature rises can significantly hurt farm productivity.

By 2050, the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) estimates that demand for food will increase over…


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